FrankBanker is a platform for views and counter views on topics related to banking. We aren’t a news portal nor are we here to be diplomatic. We opine frankly but have no notion to be right every time.  We sometimes praise and at times are critical of banking and bankers. We are unapologetic about our predictions and correct ourselves when we learn more.

We are evolving and your constructive inputs help us become better. We are open to suggestions and varied viewpoints but dislike hidden agendas. Your Guest columns with real insights, analysis and experiences are welcome.

We are FrankBanker. You can be too.

FrankBanker is founded and edited by Amit Balooni, an ex-banker and entrepreneur. He has learned his lessons in financial services & banking through long grind with corporates including HSBC, HDFC, ICICI, GE, Tata and his own Startups. All articles are copyright of FrankBanker.com and permission should be sought for republishing. For Guest Columns, due author credits are specifically mentioned.

FrankBanker also offers consulting and training services.

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