Fintech V/s Banks – Who will win the war?

“We need Banking but we don’t need Banks” – Bill Gates    The Guilty Banker I feel guilty. Despite having spent...

Six Quotes which say all about Banking!

“Later in life, as I competed against the banks, I would think back to this moment, and it gave me...

Grassroots Banking : Hunting Treasure at Bottom of Pyramid

“A box without hinges, key or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.” – JRR Tolkein Following the wrong trail...

Demonetisation – The bitter pill may just work!

Despotic, Disruptive or Surgical? A ‘despotic action’ and a ‘disaster on economy of trust’ is how Nobel laureate Amartya Sen...

Why India needs a Jugaad Revolution!

Why India needs a Jugaad Revolution!

Grassroot Innovation or Jugaad has the potential to uplift and empower millions of Indians. Its time we covered the lost ground and created an ecosystem for innovation to thrive

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