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We evaluate the banking space with a critical eye. We sometimes praise and at times are critical of banking and bankers and have no inclination to be diplomatic. We opine frankly but have no notion to be right every time.  We are unapologetic about our views and predictions and correct ourselves when we learn more.

We are evolving and your constructive inputs help us become better. Guest columns with real insights, analysis and experiences are welcome. We are FrankBanker. You can be too.

We express our copyright on articles and contents here but strongly believe in the idea of collaboration in the age of  connectivity. The articles can be republished with due credit to the Author(s) and

FrankBanker offers consulting and training services across various banking domains. We are a strong network of industry experts and trainers who go beyond prescriptive advisory. We engage with our clients in complete diagnostics, policy formulation, content development and hand-hold execution till results become visible. Write to is founded and edited by Amit Balooni. Having learned his lessons in financial services & banking through long grind in marquee corporates including HSBC, HDFC, ICICI, GE and Tata, he is currently engaged in Banking Consultancy; an Adviser and Cofounder of multiple Startups & Fintechs and Researching in the area of Banking Automation for financial inclusion.

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