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Corporate Key Account Manager – SabPaisa


Please know that you will have to take a compulsory online assessment test onjob-related skills.

You should expect the online assessment link in your inbox within 7 days of applying and will have to take the assessment within 3 days.

If you aren’t interested in taking the online assessment, you shouldn’t apply to the job as your application won’t be considered without the assessment scores.



SabPaisa (SRS Live Technologies) – headquarters in New Delhi, with eight other regional offices – is a rapidly growing fintech company having developed the World’s First API Driven Unified Payment Platform which supports all methods of payment collection such as Cards, Net-banking, UPI, QR, and Wallets to offline options like e-Cash, e-NEFT, e-RTGS & Bharat QR.



SabPaisa’s payments and collection application suite – white labelled to multiple public sectors and private banks including BOI, BOB, IDFC First& Indian Bank – has already processed more than INR 43.7 billion, a figure that will grow exponentially over the next several months as SabPaisa’s payment applications continue to penetrate the fastest growing segment of the data and payment digitization sector.

We are changing the way financial institutions, hospitals, government bodies, SAAS & e-commerce companies, schools, colleges, universities, councils, trusts, etc. collect money and data from their clients and customers.

Our executive team consists of senior members with more than 90 years in banking and technology having brands in their resumes like IIT, IIM, ICICI, HDFC, Axis, etc.

Headquartered in New Delhi and led by a team with deep expertise in the banking and payments domain, SabPaisa is currently poised for explosive growth and is looking to grow its team with dynamic, smart, and ambitious people with an enormous appetite for learning who would love to be a part of a payment start-up success story.


In summary, we are an fast-growing, inclusive payment platform company with an immediate need to hire a full time Account Manager to help our client and Business Development team to improve client servicing and enhance productivity.






1. Opportunity to work with and learn from CXOs in a relatively flat organization

2. Opportunity to work in a future-oriented organization where degrees don’t matter, only your performance does

3. Opportunity to learn and execute with a number of latest tools in the CRM arena, some of them AI propelled

4. Opportunity to grow at a fast pace if you can prove your mettle

5. Opportunity to work in a productive and happy office where you will be from time to time playing table tennis tables and loads fun at work.

6. Competitive pay with potential for bonuses



You will be working with and learning from busy people whose time is pretty valuable, so you shouldn’t join us

1. If you don’t like to write or document carefully

2. If you don’t like to talk to strangers or can’t make people smile or laugh from time to time with your infectious enthusiasm

3. If you can’t occasionally make people quake in their shoes if the situation so demands

4. If you are not self-motivated and need to be pushed or have someone follow up with you

5. If you cannot self-learn and execute with the help of Google Search

6. If you cannot pick-up new CRM software tools quickly or the opportunity to work with latest tools doesn’t excite you

7. If you are not disciplined and don’t schedule/execute your tasks in a disciplined./diligent way or don’t manage your projects well on your own

8. If at the beginning of your career you are working for money, and not for learning that will propel your career-growth






In summary, you will be working with ambitious people and many cloud-based software’s while learning like crazy to achieve high value client servicing goals and higher productivity.



We are looking for an Account Manager, who has multitasking and, problem-solving skills who can manage the designated clients end to end.



1. Onboard Key customers signed up by the Business Development Team

2. Coordinate with the Customer, Bank, Business Development and Operation Team to ensure the completion of OnBoarding within defined TAT

3. Complete various integrations and go live with the customers within defined TAT.

4. Coordinate with all concerned departments to provide prompt customer services.

5. Ensure we earn targeted revenue from the assigned customers.

6. Upsell and Crosssell to the existing customers and expand the pie.

7. Signup referral business

8. Get testimonials and feedback from the customers.

9. Proactively take strategic initiatives to ring fence existing customers with superior service





1. Account Management experience of atleast 3-5 years in a Software Product Company.

2. Great communication skills

3. Willing to work on customer issues at any time of the day

4. Can communicate with Top Management of the customer organization and resolve escalations effectively

5. Understand software terminologies and can communicate with software developers without any problem

6. Quick Learner





1. Highly motivated.


2. Tenacious. You are determined to succeed.


3. Curious. You are always learning and seeking ways to make things better.


HOW WE OPERATE: You’ll be a part of a team that works together and wins together: delivering bold results, caring passionately about what we do, and making a crucial difference through its work.


LEARNING AND GROWTH: We’re committed to growing the capabilities of our people. We are building a learning community where you can work with diverse individuals, explore new ways of thinking, and expand your capabilities.


HOW YOU CAN MAKE AN IMPACT: We create value for our customers by delivering solutions that power payments at scale. Our pace of work enables fast learning and fosters an environment where you can make an impact.


Convinced you’ll be able to make an impact? We’d love to hear from you.

Interested candidate can drop their CV on – hr@sabpaisa.in

Note – (Do mention the role for which you are applying for in the resume)