Amit Balooni

Becoming a better Banker

Paradoxically, being an expert banker requires being a good generalist. Our jobs require a fair bit of everything- from macro picture to sector specific views, from sales to documentation, from relationship management to risk management from CASA to NIM.
We need both width and depth.

While we chase our year end ratings and bonus, there are three things that a banker must attempt

1. When possible do take the risk of functional role changes over your career. If you are in risk, a short sales stint is good. A collections and ops exposure helps. Try a hand at liabilities or asset.

2. When not possible, engage deeply with other functions instead of being limited to your own vertical. Take time to sit at operations during non-peak hours. Join a Trade Finance colleague for a call. Try your hand at selling with your business team. While it may naturally happen ‘sometimes’, the point it to make it deliberate with, say, a target of 3-4 such deeper interactions in a month.

3. Visit factories. There are no better lessons in economics and finance.

Enhancing ability to take a wholistic view is a must to excel as bankers. We cannot grow in silos.

Let me know your thoughts.


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