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Manager- Credit Policy and Process

Company : EFUNDZZ ( http://www.efundzz.com/)

Vertical : Credit Process and Technology design  

Designation : Manager- Credit Policy and Process 

Experience : 2-4 years 

 No. of positions :1 

Location : Bangalore 

 Key Responsibilities:  

– Manage Credit Policy, Process and related improvements 

– Engage deeply with Senior management and Technology teams to create required automation 

– Liaison with leading Financial Institutions/Banks for policy and product alignment 

– Monitor and update product and policy related documentation and tech platform  

 Requirements :  

– 2- 4 years of experience in Credit Underwriting/Credit Operations/Retail Assets/Retail Sales/Product Management in a Bank or NBFC 

– A good understanding of credit parameters and assessment process 

– Proficiency in Excel 

– Excellent verbal and written English skills  

– Self-motivated and entrepreneurial attitude  

– Experience and ability to manage senior level relationship with CXOs 

 CTC: Up to 700,000 

Mail your profile to info@efundzz.com